SAE J2716 Gateway .NET SDK


.NET SDK API (DLL) for SENT-RS232, SENT-CAN, SENT-USB gateways. Allows to configure the gateway parameters, SENT channels, and to transmit/receive SENT fast and slow messages from a .NET application.

Title Range Discount
Quantity discounts 5 - 9 5%
Quantity discounts 10 - 24 10%
Quantity discounts 25 - 49 15%
Quantity discounts 50 - 99 20%


.NET SDK (DLL) for software integration allows to configure the gateway, start/stop SENT channels, and transmit/receive fast and slow SENT messages from Microsoft .NET environment.

A royalty-free perpetual license, licensed per company location.

The SDK supports the following devices: SENT-CAN, SENT-RS232, SENT-USB.

Note for SENT-CAN: The SDK uses a Kvaser CAN driver. Hence, a Kvaser CAN interface is needed in order to use the SDK with the SENT-CAN.